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Suggested Reading

  • Point Lookout Prison Camp For Confederates by Edwin Beitzel
  • Echoes From The Battlefield by Barbara Lane
  • Andersonville, The Southern Perspective edited by Hank Segars
  • Immortal Captives by Mauriel P. Joslyn
  • The Uncivil War by Thomas B. Keys
  • Slavery and The Coming War by Gary Walker
  • A Southern View of the Invasion of the Southern States and War of 1861-1865 by Capt. Samuel A. Ash
  • The South Was Right by James & Walter Kennedy
  • When The South Was Southern by Michael Grissom
  • Southern by The Grace of God by Michael Grissom
  • The Gray Book - A Confederate Catechism by Lyon Tyler
  • Fighting For Time by Glen H. Worthington
  • Destruction and Reconstruction by Richard Taylor
  • Prison Life During the War of 1861 by Fritz Fuzzlebug (1869)
  • Three Hundred Days in a Yankee Prison by John H. King (1904)
  • Portals to Hell by Lonnie R. Speer
  • Song of the South, DVD
  • The South Under Siege 1830-2000 by Frank Conner
  • Myths of American Slavery by Walter D. Kennedy
  • Lady Rebel: The Story of Private Jane Perkins CSA by Patty and George Beil
  • Fresh Fish: A Civil War Prisoner's Story by Lynn Miller
  • Sojourns of a Patriot: The Field and Papers of an Unreconstructed Confederate by R. B. Abell
  • So far From Dixie: Confederates in Yankee Prisons, by Philip Burnham
  • When in the Course of Human Events by Charles Adams
  • The Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
  • The Authentic History of the Ku Klux Klan, 1865-1877 by Susan Lawrence Davis
  • Roaring Creek by Emerson Williams
  • A Century of War ; The Costs of War - both by John V. Denson
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